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  1. Me he comprado un teléfono HDC Galaxy S4 EX. Lo he comprado en shopmovies12, me cobraron 314€ con los portes incluidos. No me puedo poner en contacto con ellos para ver si puedo tener un manual de instrucciones, pues me parece que esta mal configurado porque el Wifi se desconecta cuando te alejas mas de cuatro metros del router así como cuando busca el GPS pierde la señal continuamente. Según las características esto no tiene porque pasar. En el anterior teléfono no tenia ningún problema con el Wifi y tampoco con el Copylot Live Premium ni el Navigation.

  2. Sir I Got One S4 I9500 having No Service Issue. But After Flash With Volcano Box It Stuck On Android. Pls ! Give Me The Link To Recover This...

    e-mail: prashant_suraj4u@yahoo.co.in

    1. I've Done This. Any One Who Need This Solution Contact Me On "www.itiofmobile.com"

  3. please help, my hdc s4 i9500 mt6577 bootlop, please give me firmware to flash

    email: doha.saizo@gmail.com

    1. Contact Me Dear: prashant_suraj4u@yahoo.co.in, or www.itiofmobile.com

  4. hello,

    do you know where i can find spareparts for hdc. In my specific case a hdc galaxy s4 pro the front glass for the 4.7 inch screen is broken.

    thanks for help

    email: erik.michiels.nl@gmail.com

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Android update hdc
    where to download firmware hdc;
    are interested in how can update custom firmware for samsung galaxy s4 stock

  6. Help
    I have a mobile-type hdc galaxy s4 gt-i9500
    I want software for this device and how it works Software

  7. Help
    I bought HDC GALAXY S3 mini for my parents.
    The phone is working well but there is no Czech language .:(
    My parents are older and they dont speak english. I tryed to download the ROM from phone and translate it.
    I cant download it . I was browsing in the internet for the ROM but I didnt find. (ROM)
    Could you send me the ROM for this device please.(HDC GALAXY S3 mini)

    Thank you very much. tomas.keseli1@gmail.com

  8. helo
    I have bought hdc galaxy s4 gt i9500 with mt6589 and 2gb ram. At first few days it worked quite well but now its volume up and home button are mixed with each other some times when i increase volume it acts like home button is pressed and same is the case with home button. There are also times when both of them stop working. Kindly help me with this. If i need to flash then kindly tell me how to do this.

  9. I have bought hdc galaxy s4 gt i9500 with mt6589 and 2gb ram.
    and i have in call speaker noise pls give me a way to fix

  10. My Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone, was problem when i accidently formatted used the SP Flasher tools without backup the firmware,.. my phone using MT6577 firmware, android version 4.2.2,.. may help me share the link for the firmware
    my email : didi_axer86@hotmail.com

  11. Good evening, where can I find spare parts for HDC S4 Legend, fell and broke the display,
      the phone works but has vertical stripes and is difficult to read. I need to replace the display. thanks

    1. Did you manage to find new display? mine is broke to

    2. Hello did any of you was able to get the replacement parts for the S4? mine is broken too and it seems like the website where I bought it wants me to ship the phone back to china


  12. Hi there....

    I have Bought HDC galaxy spark, 4 month ago. Unfortunetaly i dropped it when I walked, and try to put my cell phone to my pocket. Now the display is broken, and the digitizer not working properly.

    where I can buy sceen touch that include digitizer? How much price for that ?



    PS : you can contact Me to : aku.ditya@live.com

  13. Hello.
    I need the last rom to hdc s4 spark, someone have it?
    Thank you so much

  14. Hi there....
    I have bought HDC Galaxy s4 mini i9190. Unfortunetaly i dropped it when I walked, Now the glass and the digitizer are broken.
    Where I can buy screen touch that include digitizer? How much price for that ?



    PS : you can contact Me to : ivan.ivo@gmail.com

  15. Bonjour
    j'ai un hdc galaxy note2 N7100. en voulant faire une sauvegarde j'ai par erreur fait une manipulation non adéquate et maintenant mon telephone ne s'allume plus ou pourrai je trouver le firmware pour corriger. ou aidez moi à corriger cela . merci beaucoup
    MON EMAIL : aghiles1510@gmail.com

  16. i formated hdc glaxy win now i can't find firmware pls help me
    con - +919097070374

  17. I bought hdc galaxy note 3 n9006 and broke its glass screen so were can I. Find the spare parts for it

  18. Hello HDC Company . Im writing from Bulgaria , and i want to know how can i purchace touch screen from you ? Becouse before 1 years ago i buy from (fastcardtech) 1 phone HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000+ Model and im missed my phone. Touch screen is doesn't work now . If you can ask my phone as it is purchased from the site, to ask whether it is possible to order parts through you to my service technicians fix it here in Bulgaria.On the price of touch + screen? Thank's alot Cvetan.