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November 08, 2013

B9002, N9000T, N9002, N9006: HDC Galaxy Note 3 Comparison

There are already a wide variety of Galaxy Note 3 by HDC to choose from. All of them are good choices, but which one is really the best choice? Have you ever asked that on yourself? On this post, we will help you decide which of these impressive HDC Galaxy Note 3 knock-offs is the best that suits your needs.

We are going to talk about the HDC Galaxy Note 3 B9002, HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000T, HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002, and HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006.


  • B9002 - MT6589 Quad @ 1.2GHz
  • N9000T - MT6589T @ 1.5GHz
  • N9002 - MT6589T @ 1.5GHz
  • N9006 - MT6582 Quad @ 1.3GHz
All of them runs on a quad-core processor. The B9002 is inferior as it only have the reference MT6589 processor at 1.2GHz clock speed. The MT6589T is the turbo version at 1.5GHz, while the MT6582 is the latest quad-core processor with a different clock speed at a said improvement on power consumption. Still, any of  the following quad-core are high-performance and is able to play any HD games or high-quality multimedia files at ease.

OS, UI, Play Store Support

  • B9002 - Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UI, Play Store installed
  • N9000T - Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UI, Play Store installed
  • N9002 - Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UI, Play Store installed
  • N9006 - Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UI, Play Store installed
All have Jelly Bean OS, TouchWiz UI just the same as the real Note 3 from Samsung and Play Store is pre-installed. The N9002 have the most recent version of Android Jelly Bean. Words from HDC devs, Android 4.4 Kit Kat update will be released for all its new HDC Galaxy devices; you better watch out for those.


  • B9002 - 5.7 inches, HD, IPS
  • N9000T - 5.8 inches, FHD, IPS, OGS
  • N9002 - 5.7 inches, FHD, IPS, OGS
  • N9006 - 5.7 inches, HD, IPS
Full HD screen is better than the HD display, that is a no brainer. It has more pixels per inch count. All of them are IPS touchscreens but those with OGS is better as its a better display panel material that keeps the surface thinner and more sturdy.


  • B9002 - 12.8MP rear camera + 8.0MP front camera
  • N9000T - 13.0MP rear camera + 4.9MP front camera
  • N9002 - 13.3MP rear camera + 8.0MP front camera
  • N9006 - 12.6MP rear camera + 1.9MP front camera
The N9002 has the most superior camera in terms of both the rear and front snappers. However, all of them have good camera set. The N9006 has the most inferior front-facing shooter at just 1.9MP, which is still above standards from VGA front cameras.


  • B9002 - dual Micro SIM card
  • N9000T - dual, Micro and normal SIM card
  • N9002 -  dual, Micro and normal SIM card
  • N9006 - single, Micro SIM card
The N9006 is the only with with a single SIM slot. This slot only supports a micro SIM card. Others have variations of the slot size except for the B9002 which only support micro SIM on both slots. Its a matter of preference here, depending on the SIM card you are going to use or currently using.


  • B9002 - 2000mAh 
  • N9000T - 3200mAh
  • N9002 - 3200mAh
  • N9006 - 3200mAh
When choosing in terms of battery capacity, the one with a higher mAh rating means more usage time before the battery runs out of juice for another charging call. The B9002 falls short at its 2000mAh rated capacity. 3200mAh is the battery capacity of the real Note 3.


  • B9002 - 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  • N9000T - 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • N9002 - 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
  • N9006 - 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
For the memory evaluation, the higher is the better. The N9002 at 2GB RAM tops the list, but even though the other Note 3 clones have just 1GB RAM it doesnt make them less of a good Android device. 1GB of RAM is already sufficient enough for one to enjoy seamless multi-tasking and maintain a lag-free experience for the device. The ROM size sets the internal storage capacity of the device, again, the higher is the better. Higher ROM comes with higher price as well. All of these clones have micro SD card support, so lower ROM size isn't really a problem.


  • B9002 - Air Command, Air View, Gesture Control, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll.
  • N9000T
  • N9002 - Gesture Control, OTG support
  • N9006 - Air Command, Gesture Control, Smart Stay, Palm Motion
The N9000T doesnt have these fancy features, but the rest does. The N9002 is the only one with OTG support which you will not find common to Chinese smartphones except for tablets. Palm Motion is a new feature that is only on the latest N9006. Its still a matter of preference for users if he/she needs such features on his/her daily phone.

Release Dates and Price

  • B9002 - Oct. 19, 2013 - $205 (buy)
  • N9000T - Nov. 1, 2013 - $229 (buy)
  • N9002 - Nov. 6, 2013 - $245 (buy)
  • N9006 - Nov. 2, 2013 - $175 (buy)
The N9006 is the cheapest of all. The N9002 comes with the highest price tag but is definitely worth it. All of them comes with free worldwide shipping promotion and some freebies. Any of them is a good buy but we strongly suggest getting the latest models which are the N9006 and the N9002.

Buy HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006

HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9006, 5.7-inch HD IPS screen, 1280*720 pixels display, MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, Android 4.2.2 OS

Buy HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002

HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9002, 5.7-inch FHD IPS OGS screen, 1920*1080 pixels display, MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 4.3.1 OS, supports Gesture Control, Mutli-Task and Hall Function.

Buy HDC Galaxy Note 3 N900T

HDC Galaxy Note 3 N9000T, 5.8-inch FHD IPS OGS screen, 1920*1080 pixels display, MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, Android 4.2.1 OS

Buy HDC Galaxy Note 3 B9002

HDC Galaxys Note 3 B9002, 5.7-inch HD IPS screen, 1280*720 pixels display, MTK6589 Quad Core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, Android 4.2.1 OS


  1. I have some question about HDC phones. How do you distinguish one phone from another ? For example assume that I ordered a N9002 and seller sent me a N9006. How do I know that the seller has sent me the correct model that I have ordered ? My other question is how do you know the phone you received is a HDC one ? In other words how to distinguish HDC phones from other popular clones in the market ?

    Thank you in-advanced.

  2. If you run an an-tutu test it will tell you which processor your have you can also use mobile uncle it should be able to tell you as well which processor and verify if the specs are correct

  3. In this review it is said that HDC devs are going to release KitKat for these 4 models, are there any news about this information?

    Thanks in advance for answer.


  5. Guuuuuuuys does it really have bluetooth 2.1 ? I need 4 !!

  6. Could Someone to tell me where I can find the rom of Note N9000T?

  7. Which one of these is CDMA band so it can be used with verizon??

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  9. hi do you have the rom for mt6589