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August 18, 2013

How to Swap SD Card and Internal Memory

This has been tested with the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend. By this simple hack, you will be able to swap your internal storage memory with your external SD card. You will no longer be limited on using the 4GB-8GB ROM size for the internal memory. With this you can enjoy up to 32GB of internal memory, depending on your SD card size.

How to do it:

  1. You must have root access. In case you are not rooted yet, you can try this rooting method, or other methods like Framaroot, etc.
  2. When you now have root access, you must have a file manager that can be granted with root permissions on accessing system files. Examples are Root Explorer or ES File Explorer.
  3. Locate: /system/etc/vold.fstab
  4. Edit the file and change the highlighted words as shown in the screenshot below:

Tried and tested working with the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend. {source}


  1. hey this works for samsung galaxy s4 GTI9500... the only issue left is that when i view internal storage now it say 16gb instead of the 64 external ive put in.

    My guess is that once it gets to 16gb full it will not write anything more to it.

    If u could solve this ull be a massive star!!

    Keeping a close watch... And will tell the universe and beyond if you resolve

    Yours most appreciatively


  2. moreover ill trade in my galaxy s4 for your HDC clone


  3. i think ive solved it! A bit embarrassed tbh....

    Downloading nova 3 atm but now that Moborobo recognises it gives me hope.

    Will come back once ive rebooted my phone...

    PS Im stll gonna trade in as long as the S4 cases fit the clones equally as well... help on this would be great

  4. well i got to nova 3 to work but it is still reading internal as 16gb

    my bright idea was to amend the
    /system/etc/vold.fstab.nand file

    which worked for moborobo but not my galaxy..tut!

    it would be so much easier to trade if i could do this


  5. i did this and now its bricked my phone! i cant boot into android but i can load recovery and factory mode PLEASE HELP!!!!

  6. There is no file named vold.fatal on my Samsung galaxy core 2 duos

  7. There is no file named vold.fatal on my Samsung galaxy core 2 duos