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August 18, 2013

HDC Galaxy S4 Legend Wireless Charging Mod by Tattletale

Someone from XDA forums successfully integrated wireless charging on his HDC Galaxy S4 Legend. Wireless charging is not natively supported on the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend, but a clever hardware hack on it by a guy named Tattletale proved its possible. In case you want to do it as well, here's the details:

For the original instructions, head on to this LINK

Disclaimer: You are doing this at your own risk.

Things you need:

  • small Phillips screwdriver
  • Powermat receiver 
  • Powermat charging mat
  • some wires and tape
  • soldering iron


  1. Take off back case, remove battery, micro-SD and SIM card. Then remove all screws from the back case.
  2. The back grey/white plastic case separates from the screen as one piece. Easy to do by using your fingernail between the screen and the rear plastic housing.
  3. Cut about 3-4 cm of wire and solder them to the powermat receiver.
  4. Solder to the corresponding pins on themMicro-USB charging point.
  5. Tape everything in place and reassemble phone.
  6. Put phone in case and place on receiver and enjoy your wireless charging


HDC handsets that has support on native wireless charging might come happen soon in the future. But we do not know when will it come out yet. That being said, the product pricing might be higher when compared with the current available devices. It is just good to know that the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend is not just your ordinary S4 knock-off. By the way, the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend is no other than the device on this link.

The HDC Galaxy S4 Legend is now priced at just $199. That's a big mark-down from its initial pricing as per its release. If you want to purchase it, now is a good time.

Buy: HDC Galaxy S4 Legend


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